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A.L. Tucker & Associates, Inc. was formed in October 1988 as a full-service commercial and industrial real estate appraisal firm. While small in terms of number of employees, the firm is noted for reasonable fees and dependability. Both Al Tucker and Randy Hopkins have achieved membership in the Appraisal Institute (MAI designation). All of our staff appraisers are State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Appraisers Licensing Board and Al Tucker is also licensed as a certified general appraiser in neighboring South Carolina. Al is also a licensed real estate broker in both Carolinas.


Why Tucker?

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for "quality", "service", "now". These three ingredients are always necessary for running a successful business. In addition, we have earned a reputation for submitting "reasonable" fee proposals for the work we do and delivering our work on time. In a competitive market, following these standards has led to our success.


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You can go to the Appraisal Institute Web Site by clicking on the following URL http://www.appraisalinstitute.org/



Appraiser Qualifications

All states require appraisers to be, at a minimum, state licensed or state certified. However, the Appraisal Institute encourages appraisers to go beyond these minimum requirements to earn a professional MAI, SRPA, or SREA general designation or SRA or RM residential designation. (Currently, the Appraisal Institute confers only two membership designations, the MAI and SRA.) Appraisal Institute designated members have fulfilled rigorous education and experience requirements and must adhere to strict industry standards and a professional code of ethics.


What's an Appraisal?

Because much private, corporate, and public wealth lies in real estate, the determination of its value is essential to the economic well being of society. It is the job of the professional appraiser to determine these values by gathering, analyzing, and applying information pertinent to a property. Unquestionably, the professional opinion of the appraiser, backed by extensive training and knowledge, influences the decisions of people who own, manage, sell, purchase, invest in, and lend money on the security of real estate. And because the appraiser is trained to be an impartial third party in the lending process, this professional serves as a vital "check" in the system, protecting real estate buyers from overpaying for property as well as lenders from over lending to buyers.


Services Provided

In our complex society, you may need and use the services of a professional real estate appraiser for a variety of reasons. Depending upon an appraiser's designation and qualifications, he or she can provide some or all of these services:


Appraisals Commercial

Appraisals Residential


Feasibility Studies

Absorption Studies

Management Advice

Business Valuation

Market Analysis

Counseling and Consulting

Market Rent & Trend Studies


Operating Expense Analysis


Tax Assessment Review

Expert Witness Testimony

Zoning Testimony

Litigation Preparation

Cost & Benefit Studies

Know your rights in the appraisal process!

Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, your lender must provide you
with a copy of the appraisal report upon your written request. If you are
dissatisfied with any information contained in your appraisal report,
you should contact your lender immediately.


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